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  • Auxiliary equipment for e.mcb.stand.60 series circuit breakers


    Dear partners!

    We are pleased to announce the incoming of a range of accessories for e.mcb.stand.60 circuit breakers.

    It should be recalled that circuit breakers e.mcb.stand.60 have high electrical and mechanical wear resistance — 10,000 cycles under load and 20,000 cycles without load.

    In addition, the new E.NEXT circuit-breakers have the widest operating temperature range on the market from -40 to + 70 ℃. The warranty period is 3 years.

    Features of e.mcb.stand.60 series circuit breakers:

    • The continuous front panel protects from emission of combustion products of an arch towards the user;
    • The indicator on the front panel shows the actual status of the main contacts for safe network maintenance;
    • The latch on a DIN rail has two fixed positions that considerably facilitates installation;
    • The interpolar synchronization function prevents unauthorized consumption of electricity by passing metering devices;
    • All conductive parts are made of copper to reduce resistance and heat;
    • The case of the breaker is made of ABS plastic, which is self-extinguishing;
    • The content of silver in the solder is not less than 99.5% (confirmed by the laboratory of the Paton Institute of Electric Welding, Protocol №202106–13);
    • Arc-quenching grille with 11 slats increases the efficiency of arc quenching;
    • Contact clamps have notches for reliable connection of the conductor;
    • The hole for connecting auxiliary equipment is protected from moisture and dust.

    E.NEXT-Ukraine range consists of certified products manufactured according to European quality standards.

    • Auxiliary contact e.mcb.stand.60.aux (s1042100) is intended for signaling position of contacts of the circuit breaker.
    • Auxiliary signal contact e.mcb.stand.60.alt (s1042101) is intended for signaling of emergency operation of the circuit breaker.
    • Shunt release e.mcb.stand.60.sht (s1042103) is intended to remotely turn off the circuit breaker.
    • Low voltage release e.mcb.stand.60.uvt (s1042104) is intended to turn off the circuit breaker in the event of voltage reduction in mains.


    Parameter name Value
    Auxiliary contact e.mcb.stand.60.aux, auxiliary signal contact e.mcb.stand.60.alt:
    Rated current, In, А АС12 415В
    АС12 240В
    DC12 130В1A
    DC12 48В2A
    DC12 24В6A
    Contacts 1 C/O (double-throw)
    Installation 3 years left
    Shunt release e.mcb.stand.60.sht:
    Operating voltage, V AC 100-415
    DC 110-130
    Installation left
    Low voltage release e.mcb.stand.60.uvt:
    Operating voltage, V 161 ±5%
    Installation left

    Assortment range

    Vendor code Item name
    s1042100 Auxiliary contact e.mcb.stand.60.aux
    s1042101 Signal auxiliary contact e.mcb.stand.60.alt
    s1042103 Shunt release e.mcb.stand.60.sht
    s1042104 Low voltage release e.mcb.stand.60.uvt

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    Everything will be E.NEXT 😉