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  • E.NEXT offers: single-pole SPD, class С


    Dear Partners

    Single-pole SPD, class C are intended to shunt off the energy of pulses in power supply systems of buildings. They have an alternating varistor with status indication. They are used for protection against switching processes in networks and from overvoltages caused by thunderbolt. In the latter case, they are installed after the SPD class B, mainly in the supplementary switchboards. For the TN-C grounding system, one SPD is installed to each phase; one more SPD of this type is installed in systems TN-S and TN-C-S for protection of the neutral.

    Basic parameters:

    Name e.spd.1c.275 e.spd.1c.385
    Vendor code i0340101 i0340102
    Corresponds to STN EN 61643-11 / A11 / IEC 61643-1 / VDE 0675-06 Type 2 / Class II / Class C
    Maximum operating voltage DC, Uc 275 V 385 V
    Maximum operating voltage DC, Uc 350 V/td> 500 V/td>
    Rated discharge current (8 / 20μs), In 20 kA
    Maximum discharge current (8 / 20μs), In 40 kA
    Level of overvoltage protection, Up less than 1.5 kV less than 1.8 kV
    Response time, tA less than 25 ns
    Leak current less than 15 μA
    Range of operating temperatures, Tu -40...+80 °С
    Minimum cross-section of the connecting cable 4 mm²
    Maximum cross-section of the connecting cable 25 mm²
    Protection degree IP 20
    Mounting rail DIN rail 35 mm
    Overall dimensions 91,0х64,8х17,6 mm
    Number of poles 1


    Vendor code Name
    i0340101 Overvoltage limiter e.spd.1c.275
    i0340102 Overvoltage limiter e.spd.1c.385