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  • Expanding the assortment range of E.NEXT Company — Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) and e.industrial.ats


    We are pleased to inform you about the expansion of the product range of the E.NEXT Company — Switching equipment.

    Automatic transfer switches (ATS) and e.industrial.ats are devices that automatically switch the load power supply from the main power source (in case of an emergency) to the backup power source.

    The main power supply emergencies include:

    • unacceptable voltage fluctuations;
    • absence of one or two phases (in the case of a three-phase system);
    • lack of power supply in general.

    In the event of the above-mentioned accidents, it is unacceptable to supply power to the load from such a source and it becomes necessary to switch to another power source, which is called a backup power source. Switching the power supply using manually operated devices requires constant monitoring and operator involvement, as well as the modification of the circuit with additional protection, control and indication devices. We offer automatic transfer switches and e.industrial.ats based on circuit breakers.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    p060001 Automatic transfer switch, 4p, 63А
    i088001 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.80, 4p, 80А
    i088002 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.100, 4p, 100А
    i088003 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.125, 4p, 125А
    i088004 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.160, 4p, 160А
    i088005 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.200, 4p, 200А
    i088006 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.225, 4p, 225А
    i088007 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.250, 4p, 250А
    i088008 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.315, 4p, 315А
    i088009 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.400, 4p, 400А
    i088010 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.630, 4p, 630А
    i088011 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.800, 4p, 800А
    i088012 Automatic transfer switch e.industrial.ats.4.1000, 4p, 1000А

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