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  • Expansion of the assortment range of plastic organizers


    Electrotechnical Company E.NEXT-Ukraine updates the range of tool boxes and introduces a new product — the organizer of TOOLBOX series.

    This product is a convenient place for storing small parts, tools and equipment.

    Fishermen and hunters, carpenters and locksmiths, craftsmen — seamstresses, embroiderers, knitters... all these people will not be able to do without these convenient organizers, which have different designs, but are equally necessary and useful in work.

    Organizers of the TOOLBOX series from the E.NEXT company are able to clearly sort the necessary little things and systematize their permanent storage in such a way that, if it is necessary, you can urgently find the necessary item in the shortest possible time.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name Descrition Overall dimensions, mm
    t011018 Organiser plastic,, 20-sections Pastic organizer 267×157×262
    t011019 Organiser plastic,, 12-sections
    t011020 Organiser plastic,, 6-sections

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