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  • Grand opening of the ENERGETAB-2015 Exhibition in Poland


    Today, on September, 15th, 2015 the grand opening of the international exhibition «ENERGETAB 2015» were held in Bielsko-Biała.

    E.NEXT International Electrotechnical Group and it`s official partner from Spain — Lifasa company — took part in this event.

    This year we suggest the visitors of our exhibition booth to learn the following E.NEXT product lines: reactive power compensation systems, frequency inverters, modular equipment, power equipment, cable channel systems, distributing boards, cable-support systems, modular circuit breakers, check relay, power and other equipment.

    E.NEXT-Group is giving thanks to the exhibition institutors for organizing the top level specialized campaign that becomes the mainstream specialized event in Poland again and gain attention of thousands visitors and scores of participants from different countries.

    The exhibition is held at the following address:
    Poland, Bielsko-Biała, al. Armii Krajowej 220

    The days of the exhibition:
    15-17 September 2015

    To get more information about the exhibition click here.

    We invite everyone to visit our booth!