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  • Meet the novelty: reactive power controller of the Master Control Var series!


    E.NEXT-Group Company expands the range of equipment for reactive power compensation. We introduce you the reactive power controller of the Master Control Var series.

    Unlike the MCE ADV's reactive power controllers, the new controller of Master Control Var series provides the connecting of three types of current transformers and can control reactive power for each phase individually. Moreover the controller has a built-in network analyzer function and can track the leakage current of the power supply system (with the use of auxiliary leakage transformers).

    Another difference between the controllers of the Master Control Var series is the ability to set a voltage transformation coefficient that allows it to be used in high-voltage compensation systems with a voltage of up to 35 kV.

    The controller has a universal power supply AC100-480 V and output relays for controlling climate equipment inside the PF correction; equipped with 2 digital inputs and 2 digital outputs, as well as a telecommunication port RS485 (Modbus RTU), which, if necessary, allows the controllers to be integrated into the overall control and control network.

    The new Master Control Var series is represented by controllers at 6 and 12 levels of regulation.


    • range of supply voltage, V: 110-480;
    • measured voltage, V: 525 (phase-phase), 300 (phase-zero);
    • frequency, Hz: 45 ... 65;
    • number of connected current transformers: 1 or 3 (supplied separately);
    • series of current transformer for detecting leakage current: WGC;
    • range of measured temperature, ° С: 0 ... + 80 / + - 3;
    • number of analog outputs: 12 or 6 (1 A / 250 V) - for controlling capacitors, 1 (1 A / 250 V) - alarm relay, 1 (1 A / 250 V) - for ventilation control;
    • number of digital inputs: 2;
    • number of digital outputs: 2;
    • control strategy: minimum number of switching operations;
    • communication port: RS-485 / Modbus RTU.


    Vendor code Name
    MASTER06 MASTER Control Var 6
    MASTER12 MASTER Control Var 12