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  • New business area — the lightning protection and earthing


    E.NEXT International Electrotechnical Group is opening the new business area as a part of complex approach to power sector objects supplying – lightning protection and earthing.

    Basing on the innovative capacity of the global power industry E.NEXT is offering the whole range of services in building of lightning protecting and earthing systems. It is including: object inspection, developing of optimal solution considering all the significant technical-and-economic factors, supply and installation of equipment, measuring and service maintenance.

    Today we are building up effective, save and steady going systems of lightning protection and earthing for objects with any degree of complexity – from small cottage to large industrial building complexes and energy infrastructure objects.

    Using the products of acknowledged leaders in this area, such as OBO Bettermann and AH Hardt is a guarantee that our work will be successful.

    E.NEXT complex approach includes outdoor lightning protection and earthing, indoor lightning protection (surge overvoltage protection including protection of low current, telecommunication and measuring systems), equipotential bonding, electrical protective screening, surge overvoltage recording.

    The range of connecting elements and junction boxes also became wider. There are positions with advanced mechanical and thermal resistance.