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  • New addition to the E.NEXT assortment range – key switches of e.switch.key series


    It is difficult to imagine a dashboard or other electrical device without control buttons.

    Structurally, a switch has one or more contact groups and a mechanism that provides manual control of their closure or opening.

    Depending on the model, key switches can be equipped with additional functions, such as backlighting, which is very convenient in low-light conditions, and have different switching schemes. The range of applications for switches is very wide: they are used in both household appliances and industry. A switch can be used to control the power supply to individual elements of a particular device, such as a backlight. Often, their function is to switch the entire device on and off.

    We are pleased to present the key switches of e.switch.key. The range includes single-pole and double-pole devices, with and without backlight, with I-0 and I-0-II switching schemes.

    Technical specifications:

    Characteristics e.switch.key.01 e.switch.key.02 e.switch.key.03 e.switch.key.04 e.switch.key.05
    Switching scheme I-0 I-0-II
    Backlight yes ні
    Rated current, 250 VAC 6 16 15
    Mechanical wear resistance, On / Off cycles 100 000
    Electrical wear resistance, cycles On / Off 10 000
    Number of contact groups 1NO 2NO 1NO 2NO 1C/O

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    s2040001 Key switch e.switch.key.01, 3 pin, with indication
    s2040002 Key switch e.switch.key.02, 6 pin, doubled, with indication
    s2040003 Key switch e.switch.key.03, 3 pin, with indication
    s2040004 Key switch e.switch.key.04, 4 pin, without indication
    s2040005 Key switch e.switch.key.05, 3 pin, 1-0-2

    Everything will be E.NEXT e.moji