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  • New product from Company E.NEXT — LED luminaire, dust and waterproof e.LED.cpw.stand


    The e.LED.cpw.stand series is designed to illuminate both indoor and outdoor spaces, including industrial and public facilities, service stations and car parks. The main advantage of these luminaires is their light output, which is 100 lm for every watt of power consumption. This means that they can provide bright lighting with relatively low power consumption.

    The warranty for these luminaires is 24 months, which demonstrates confidence in their quality and reliability.

    The e.LED.cpw.stand series can be installed in two ways:

    • Surface-mounted: In this case, the luminaire is simply attached to the ceiling or wall using the special fixture provided. This installation method allows for quick and easy installation.
    • Suspended mounting: If you want to provide lighting with an optimal light distribution, the luminaires are installed at a certain height above the floor or work surface. In this case, the luminaires are mounted on suspensions. This method allows you to adjust the height of the luminaire to achieve optimum illumination of the room.

    These luminaires are an efficient and durable solution for lighting industrial and public facilities, as well as other places where it is important to have high-quality and energy-efficient lighting.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    l0810011 LED lamp, waterproof e.LED.cpw.stand.18.6500, 18Вт, 6500К,600мм,IP65
    l0810012 LED lamp, waterproof e.LED.cpw.stand.36.6500, 36Вт, 6500К,1200мм,IP65
    l0810013 LED lamp, waterproof e.LED.cpw.stand.48.6500, 48Вт, 6500К,15000мм,IP65

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