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  • New product from the Company E.NEXT — Portable charging stations e.charge.portable


    Portable charging stations e.charge.portable — are a convenient way to charge your electric vehicle wherever you need it. These devices offer a number of advantages:

    • Portability: Due to their compact size, you can easily carry these chargers with you in your electric vehicle.
    • Power: They support charging at outputs ranging from 3.6 kW to 7.4 kW, allowing you to charge your electric vehicle efficiently.
    • Additional features: Ability to select power and delay charging, making them more user-friendly.
    • Waterproof: The degree of dust and water protection is IP65 for portable chargers and IP55 for adapters. These ratings allow the equipment to be used outdoors, in rain or humidity.

    In general, portable charging stations e.charge.portable provide a convenient and reliable way to charge your electric vehicle anywhere, even when there is no access to stationary charging stations.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    p085001 Portable charging station e.charge.portable.T1-SCHUKO.1L3 230V, 6-16A, connector: SCHUKO/T1, length: 1m/4m
    p085002 Portable charging station e.charge.portable.T2-SCHUKO.1L3 230V, 6-16A, connector: SCHUKO/T2, length: 1m/4m
    p085003 Portable charging station e.charge.portable.T2-CEE.1L7 230V, 6-32A, connector: CEE/T2, length: 1m/4m
    p085101 Adapter e.charge.adapter.T2-T1 from T2 to T1, monolith, 32A
    p085102 Adapter e.charge.adapter.T2-GBT-1 from T2 to GBT, monolith, 32A, 1 phase
    p085103 Adapter e.charge.adapter.T2-GBT-3 from T2 to GBT, monolith, 32A, 3 phases
    p085104 Adapter e.charge.adapter.cable.T2-T1.32 from T2 to T1, cable 5m, 32A
    p085105 Adapter e.charge.adapter.cable.T2-T1.16 from T2 to T1, cable 5m, 16A

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