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  • Perfect compensation for perfect wine


    E.NEXT-Ukraine has implemented a project on reactive power compensation (RPC) for the domestic winery «Colonist».

    Our specialists performed the entire cycle of work on the turnkey project — from measuring the quality of the network at the enterprise and calculating the parameters required to improve its installation to its installation and commissioning. The installation of the RPC allowed to unload the power transformer and the power cable, to raise the voltage on the busses of RU-0.4 kV, to reduce the losses of active electricity in the power transformer and the cable and thus reduce the cost of electricity.

    The RPC installation is assembled on the basis of E.NEXT and Lifasa equipment.

    Winery «Colonist» is located in one of the richest Ukrainian wine regions — Danube Bessarabia (southern Odessa region). The company focuses on high quality dry wines, produces sparkling, semi-dry and sweet wines. «Colonist» produces about 280,000 bottles a year, constantly taking care of the quality of wine and the introduction of the latest technologies. TM «Colonist» wines have been repeatedly awarded the honorary title of «Commended» by judges of one of the most prestigious wine competitions — the International Wine Challenge, which is held annually in London.

    Доброму вину — добротная энергия