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  • The E.NEXT team celebrates Ukrainian Unity Day


    Dear Ukrainians!

    Congratulations on a special holiday — Unity Day of the Ukrainian people! For E.NEXT, this Day means integrity and indivisibility. So let this solemn day strengthen us in unity and patriotism, give everyone the inspiration to work for the good of our country and the well-being of our people.

    Ukraine is a strong independent and promising country, and when your favorite job helps the country grow and develop, it is the best incentive to be part of the Team. Every year, we increasingly strengthen our leadership in the electrotechnical market by providing customers with reliable products. For us, this is a constant indicator of quality and confidence in the next step.

    E.NEXT's leadership positions are an important proof of brand development, State integrity and the right movement of the Team. Using the latest technologies in our work, together we achieve our goals, set trends in the electrotechnical market and move forward every day!

    We thank each member of the Team for their dedication to work and homeland, thank you to the wise leaders for their motivation and inspiration in their work. The results of E.TEAM are our freedom, our loyalty to our favorite cause and Ukraine.

    Together we are strength, friends!

    E.NEXT brought together the Team of the most talented Ukrainians, united by the desire to conquer new heights, develop and achieve their goals!

    Hard work, a shared vision for the future and the initiative of E.TEAM are the main strengths of E.NEXT. Building a prosperous state for us and our descendants, we carry Ukrainian traditions in our hearts, remaining committed to our principles and ambitions.

    We use innovative methods to achieve our goals and strive to take the next step towards development, using knowledge and experience. We are driven by faith in Ukraine and the Company! E.NEXT is a strong player who does not look for excuses, condemning competitors, but undertakes difficult tasks, providing bold decisions.

    День Єднання України День Єднання України День Єднання України День Єднання України День Єднання України

    Be true to your ideals and principles, love yourself, respect your choices and the choices of the people around you, and remember that nothing is impossible, and all boundaries and barriers exist only in our heads.

    Happy holiday!

    The future is E.NEXT