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  • The new assortment direction of the E.NEXT Company — Systems of guaranteed power supply


    Good news for all customers of E.NEXT Company.

    We are pleased to inform you about the new product range of E.NEXT Company «Systems of guaranteed power supply».

    Inverters PRO series

    An inverter means being in warm, in touch, and with light!


    Inverters are designed to provide autonomous power from batteries for household and computer appliances, audio-video equipment, lighting equipment and other equipment.

    Inverters are equipped with cables for connecting batteries.

    Inverters have a correct sine wave and a reliable protection system against:

    • short circuit;
    • overload;
    • overheating.


    Vendor code Item name
    s074001 Invertor 12/220В 300Вт, pure sine wave
    s074002 Invertor 12/220В 500Вт, pure sine wave
    s074003 Invertor 12/220В 1000Вт, pure sine wave
    s074004 Invertor 12/220В 2000Вт, pure sine wave
    s074005 Invertor 12/220В 3000Вт, pure sine wave
    s075001 Remote switch e.inv.control

    Design features guarantee the stability and reliability of inverters PRO series.

    Inverters PRO series

    1. 1. Input terminals 12V with low transient contact resistance to reduce losses;
    2. 2. Cooling fan that provides highly efficient heat removal;
    3. 3. Radiators for cooling input and output circuits provide high-performance dissipation of heat from semiconductors;
    4. 4. High-quality voltage transformers with copper winding;
    5. 5. Board that forms the correct sine wave of the output voltage 230V;
    6. 6. Storage capacitors, with a safety margin of 500V voltage;
    7. 7. Full-size choke for smoothing the output signal.
    8. 8. Full-size choke for smoothing the output signal.


    Parameter name Value
    Rated power, W 300 500 1000 2000 3000
    Rated AC voltage, V 230
    Maximum power, W 600 1000 2000 4000 6000
    Shape of the output voltage Correct sine wave (THD<3%)
    USB port 5В/2,1А
    Rated voltage DC, V 12
    Operating voltage range DC, V 9,8-16,2
    Efficiency, % not less than >88
    Overall dimensions, mm
    Height 150 150 150 220 220
    Width 160 160 310 320 360
    Depth 70 70 70 90 150
    Weight, kg 1,95 3 3,625 6,75 10,5

    The remore control panel e.inv.control is designed for remote control (on/off) and indication of PRO series inverters. It has an indicator of five load levels and battery charge levels of 20%, 40%, 60%, 80%, 100%. It supplies in complete with connection cable.

    Batteries AGM

    Акумуляторні батареї AGM

    Stationary lead-acid AGM batteries are intended for use as part of backup power systems.


    Parameter name Value
    Accumulator battery 12V, AGM
    9Ah 20Ah 40Ah 65Ah 100Ah
    Rated voltage, V 12
    Retaed capacity, A*h 9 20 40 65 100
    Overall dimensions, mm:
    - length 150 181 198 350 330
    - width 65 77 175 167 173
    - height (with terminal) 100 167 166 175 220
    Weight, kg 2,5 5,4 12,7 19,8 28,5


    Vendor code Item name
    USL1290-2 Battery 12V 9Ah, AGM
    USL12200-2 Battery 12V 20Ah, AGM
    ULL12V400-2 Battery 12V 40Ah, AGM
    ULL12650-2 Battery 12V 65Ah, AGM
    ULL121000-2 Battery 12V 100Ah, AGM

    Battery connection cables e.cable.connect.25.200.M8 25mm sq, 200mm, M8 and e.cable.connect.25.500.M8 25mm sq, 500mm, M8 are designed to connect batteries to each other to increase capacity (parallel connection) or voltage (series connection)


    Vendor code Item name
    s075011 Battery connection cable e.cable.connect.25.200.M8 25mm sq, 200mm, M8
    s075012 Battery connection cable e.cable.connect.25.500.M8 25mm sq, 500mm, M8

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