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  • Thermal power station of Ladyzhyn saves 31% of electricity using the E.NEXT frequency converter


    Dear Partners!

    An integrated approach to solving complex problems is the business card of E.NEXT-Ukraine Company, which is supported not only by words but by many years of practical experience of successful implementation of solutions.

    We continue to co-operate with one of the leaders in the implementation of energy-efficient solutions, the energy service company DTEK ESCO, which invests in the modernization of equipment for industrial customers. E.NEXT-Ukraine Company has been designing, supplying, and actively participated in the commissioning of the 630 kW / 6kV frequency converter. The implemented solution provides automatic operation of four pumps at the station of illuminated (purified) water at the DTEK thermal power station of Ladyzhyn. This will save 2.3 million kWh per year for thermal power station's own needs in the amount of over 5 million UAH per year. Innovation also has an important ecological effect, namely reducing CO2 emissions by 2 thousand tons per year. DTEK ESCO has invested and managed a common project.

    As a result of automation of the operation of the pumping station over a period of about 6 months, it was achieved electricity savings of 31%.

    The installed frequency converter with the power of 630 kW / 6 kV automatically controls the water pressure at the calculation point, regulates the load of the pump and "prompts" the operational personnel about the need for changes in the working equipment. This should reduce accident rate, help to avoid hydraulic attacks and, in general, increase the reliability of the thermal power station.

    We wish our partner DTEK ESCO a successful implementation of energy efficiency measures and new complex tasks. Let's make Ukraine energy-efficient with overall efforts!