Working principles

If each of us would not be creative, insistent and had lack of imagination we would never achieve such high results and would not be able to provide the customers truly effective solutions.

High self-reputation and leading positions of the company in the power sector oblige us to improve constantly management system and professional skills of each manager on all the levels – starting from call center specialists to top level managers.

Dedication to operational excellence let us provide the permanent qualified support and service, which is expected by the Customers.

E.NEXT project management system is one of the best in the sector. Company management have diversified experience in developing of different complexicated and integrated projects. Every manager knows how to negotiate with customers in the best way and how to communicate with colleagues. Knows how to support and inspire colleagues according to unique circumstances and how to reach the best resulting effect.

Every top manager of the group company is fully aware of the mission and objective of our business.

Each business unit of the company has the mission task and particular goals and each employee knows exactly to what result one is committed.

Key management philosophy of the company’s senior management is creative approach to each task in hand. This is the reason why our today results is always better than were yesterday.