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  • New quality standard! Series of modular circuit breakers e.mcb.stand.60


    Hello, dear friends!

    We have great news! Due to a combination of modern technologies and quality materials, E.NEXT has created a new series of circuit breakers e.mcb.stand.60 with a rated switching capacity of 6 kA. The products are intended to protect electrical networks from short-circuit currents and overload currents, as well as for infrequent operational switching.


    • The continuous front panel protects from emission of products of combustion of an arch towards the user;
    • The indicator on the front panel shows the actual status of the main contacts for safe network maintenance;
    • The latch on a DIN rail has two fixed positions that considerably facilitates installation;
    • The interpolar synchronization function prevents unauthorized consumption of electricity by passing metering devices;
    • All conductive parts are made of copper to reduce resistance and heating;
    • The body of the breaker is made of ABS plastic, which does not support combustion;
    • The silver content in the soldering is not less than 99.5% (Confirmed by the laboratory of the EO Paton Institute of Electric Welding of the NAS of Ukraine, Protocol № 202106–13);
    • The arc-extinguishing lattice of 11 lamels increases efficiency of extinguishing of an arch;
    • Contact clamps have notches for reliable connection of the conductor;
    • The hole for connecting auxiliary equipment is protected from moisture and dust.

    Circuit breakers e.mcb.stand.60 have high electrical and mechanical wear resistance — 10,000 cycles under load and 20,000 cycles without load.

    In addition, the new E.NEXT circuit breakers have the widest operating temperature range on the market from -40 to +70 °C. The warranty period is 3 years.

    We also remind you that the assortment range of E.NEXT-Ukraine consists of certified products manufactured according to European quality standards.

    Protect your networks today!

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