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  • Bimetallic washers e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al from the company E.NEXT: Secure connection for safe operation!


    The bimetallic washers e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al, designed for safe and durable connection of aluminium handpieces to copper busbars to avoid direct galvanic contact.

    Why our bimetallic washers?

    • Prevent galvanic corrosion;
    • Minimise power losses;
    • Provide efficient heat distribution, which helps to avoid overheating at the connections.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    m021001 Bimetallic washer e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al.15.6,5.1 for М6< bolt/td>
    m021002 Bimetallic washer e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al.17.8,5.1 for М8< bolt/td>
    m021003 Bimetallic washer e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al.22.10,5.1 for М10 bolt
    m021004 Bimetallic washer e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al.25.13.2 for М12 bolt
    m021005 Bimetallic washer e.metiz.washer.Cu-Al.30.17.2 for М16 bolt

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