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  • Cable lugs by the Company E.NEXT


    Low-current or non-power cable lugs by the Company E.NEXT are designed for safe connection of electrical circuits and connection of electrical equipment in low-voltage networks. The Company's product range includes various types of low-current lugs that differ in design:

    • Ring and fork (for connecting conductors to screw terminals);
    • Bushing and pin lugs (for terminating stranded conductors and connecting them to various terminals);
    • Connecting (for quick and easy multiple connections);
    • Sleeves (for connecting conductors).

    Connections made with cable lugs, subject to all regulatory requirements and installation rules, ensure operational durability and reliability of electrical circuits.

    To crimp the lugs, you need a specialised tool, which you can choose here: CRIMP crimping tool

    The range of cable lugs is available here: Insulated cable lugs

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