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  • E.NEXT product seminars in Lithuania


    E.NEXT product seminars in Lithuania

    The company ELGRANDAS, which is E.NEXT International Electrotechnical Group distributor in Lithuania and the Baltics, is actively promoting E.NEXT products in its geographical market.At the end of previous year ELGRANDAS held two seminars for its customers and partners on the subject of E.NEXT product range. One seminar took place on November 23 in Švenčionys and other was held on December 14 in Taurage.

    E.NEXT products competitive advantages were represented in the course of these seminars and also the following topics were discussed:

    • Modular circuit breakers and differential current protection: devices types, main characteristics of each type of equipment; process technology; practical uses;
    • Marking on equipment and its actual correspondence to parameters stated in manuals; key aspects for the right choice.
    • Selection factors determining the right choice of electricity-generating equipment for private and industrial facilities.

    In the course of both seminars the members have shown the great interest to E.NEXT products advantages which makes it possible to hope for a significant increase in demand for the Company's product line in Lithuania.