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  • E.NEXT-Ukraine continues to support education: a sponsorship program for electrical engineering students. Сity of Brusyliv


    Despite the difficult training conditions during martial law in Ukraine, E.NEXT-Ukraine continues to follow the traditions of supporting the technical education of the state.

    On May 24 we visited the educational and scientific institute of energy saving and energy management of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, accompanied by teachers of educational institutions. Our specialists conducted a master class for future entrants from the city of Brusyliv, Zhytomyr region.

    Профорієнтаційна зустріч Брусилів Профорієнтаційна зустріч Брусилів Профорієнтаційна зустріч Брусилів

    As part of the career guidance event, cognitive tours were conducted in the training laboratories of Igor Sikorsky Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, as well as a career guidance presentation of modern electrical training equipment with the support of E.NEXT-Ukraine. During the master class with educational stands from E.NEXT there were many interesting questions from talented young people, to which informative and well-founded answers were provided. The smartest entrants received branded gifts and a lot of useful information.

    We do everything with the dream of our children's happiness. We believe that the children of Ukraine will be better than us, that they will open all the way to the top in science, technology, culture, art. We strive to build a peaceful, beautiful and prosperous State for them.

    But without your support it is very difficult to do. Therefore, we urge our Friends and Partners not to sponsor the war against the Ukrainian people and to abandon the use of products of Russian brands and companies of the aggressor country.

    Let's help Ukraine together! Friends, together we are a force! Victory is behind us!

    Let's build the future together!

    Everything will be E.NEXT 😉