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  • E.NEXT-Ukraine is the general sponsor of the event «WORLDSKILLS UKRAINE 2020» of the electrical installation scope

    September 29 — October 1, there was the event «WORLDSKILLS UKRAINE 2020» in Mariupol city. This is the fifth event in Ukraine that is significant for future electrotechnical progress.

    The event was held on the basis of Mariupol Higher Metallurgical Vocational School.


    Due to support of E.NEXT-Ukraine, the location was prepared according to modern European standards to allow students to get the most pleasure and benefit from participating in competitions. Stands of E.NEXT products were developed and a competitive task was proposed.

    Main tasks of the competition

    The purpose of the competition «WORLDSKILLS UKRAINE 2020» and the Company E.NEXT-Ukraine — to test and improve the professional skills of students, to teach students how to interact with each other in the professional field.

    Participants did practical tasks in a limited time, testing the acquired knowledge in the target educational institutions. The winners of the competitions received gifts from sponsors and E.NEXT-Ukraine.

    The students especially liked the results and selection to the finals, which brought together participants from different professions on a common platform to compete with the winners from other regions. Students' abilities were assessed by industry experts and the jury.

    In five years, the World Skills Ukraine 2020 event has not only united young professionals into a professional network of friends, but also formed new traditions that set an example for others.