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  • Emergency lights from E.NEXT


    In cases of accidents, explosions, fires or other force majeure, situations often arise with the immediate failure of the main systems. This immediately leads to panic, injuries and possible death of a huge number of people. Emergency lighting systems in this particular case will allow all employees to exit the premises in an organized manner, reducing probable losses and damage to the physical plan to a minimum. These devices can save your life.

    The battery lamp e.emerg.2128.led.3/6h.IP20 is one of the most popular from the assortment of emergency lamps of the E.NEXT-Ukraine Company. An important feature of this lamp is a lithium battery, which is characterized by a long service life, the absence of a «memory effect», minimal weight and overall dimensions.

    The lamp has a wide range of applications, namely it is used as:

    • portable rechargeable lamp;
    • emergency evacuation together with indicator icons;
    • backup light source for small residential and commercial premises.
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