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  • Expanding the assortment range of E.NEXT Company — Self-adhesive stickers «Safety»


    Dear partners!

    We are pleased to announce the expansion of the range: self-adhesive stickers «Safety».


    Self-adhesive stickers «Safety» are designed to be applied to electrical appliances and installations at the enterprise and in the home in order to prevent accidents. Their absence is a direct violation of labour protection requirements.

    The main purpose of using «Safety» signs at an enterprise is to inform employees about the procedure for operating equipment and permitted behaviour in industrial premises.

    • The «Lightning» sign is a sign that indicates that there is a possibility of being exposed to electric current. The yellow triangle with a black lightning bolt and black border can often be found on equipment, electrical devices, room doors and other surfaces. This sticker also has another name «Danger of electric shock».
    • The «Grounding» sign is a sign used to indicate grounding points in electrical products and general-purpose appliances.
    • The signs «12V», «24V», «36V», «42V», «230V», «400V» are signs intended to warn people of the existing danger due to the presence of equipment under voltage. Such stickers are placed on electrical equipment in shopping centres, shops and sports facilities, as well as in transport and at enterprises.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name Quantity per sheet, pcs Sticker size, mm
    s053301 Self-adhesive sticker «Lightning» e.sticker.lightning.25 (25х25х25mm) 248 pcs/sheet 248 25х25х25
    s053302 Self-adhesive sticker «Lightning» e.sticker.lightning.50 (50х50х50mm) 62 pcs/sheet 62 50х50х50
    s053303 Self-adhesive sticker «Lightning» e.sticker.lightning.85 (85х85х85mm) 20 pcs/sheet 20 85х85з85
    s053304 Self-adhesive sticker «Lightning» e.sticker.lightning.100 (100х100х100mm) 12 pcs/sheet 12 100х100х100
    s053305 Self-adhesive sticker «Lightning» e.sticker.lightning.130 (130х130х130mm) 8 pcs/sheet 8 130х130х130
    s053306 Self-adhesive sticker «Lightning» e.sticker.lightning.160 (160х160х160mm) 5 pcs/sheet 5 160х160х160
    s053307 Self-adhesive sticker Grounding e.sticker.grounding.30 (30х30х30mm) 90 pcs/sheet 90 30
    s053308 Self-adhesive sticker «12V» e.sticker.voltage.12.1 (40х20mm) 102 pcs/sheet 102 40х20
    s053309 Self-adhesive sticker «12V» e.sticker.voltage.12.2 (90х38mm) 26 pcs/sheet 26 90х38
    s053310 Self-adhesive sticker «24V» e.sticker.voltage.24.1 (40х20mm) 102 pcs/sheet 102 40х20
    s053311 Self-adhesive sticker «24V» e.sticker.voltage.24.2 (90х38mm) 26 pcs/sheet 26 90х38
    s053312 Self-adhesive sticker «36V» e.sticker.voltage.36.1 (40х20mm) 102 pcs/sheet 102 40х20
    s053313 Self-adhesive sticker «36V» e.sticker.voltage.36.2 (90х38mm) 26 pcs/sheet 26 90х38
    s053314 Self-adhesive sticker «42V» e.sticker.voltage.42.1 (40х20mm) 102 pcs/sheet 102 40х20
    s053315 Self-adhesive sticker «42V» e.sticker.voltage.42.2 (90х38mm) 26 pcs/sheet 26 90х38
    s053316 Self-adhesive sticker «230V» e.sticker.voltage.230.1 (40х20mm) 102 pcs/sheet 102 40х20
    s053317 Self-adhesive sticker «230V» e.sticker.voltage.230.2 (90х38mm) 26 pcs/sheet 26 90х38
    s053318 Self-adhesive sticker «400V» e.sticker.voltage.400.1 (40х20mm) 102 pcs/sheet 102 40х20
    s053319 Self-adhesive sticker «400V» e.sticker.voltage.400.2 (90х38mm) 26 pcs/sheet 26 90х38

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