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  • Expanding the assortment range with Earthing devices from the company E.NEXT


    Grounding is the electrical connection of elements of electrical machines, apparatus, and devices to the ground in order to protect people from electric shock and protect electrical appliances.

    Galvanized earthing offers several advantages, including durability and enhanced electrical conductivity achieved through corrosion prevention.

    The company offers a comprehensive product range comprising both individual components and complete grounding kits.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    7500401 D16 threaded grounding device, set (H4500)
    z7540001 Pin of grounding riveting pointed D20(L=1500)
    z7542001 Pin of grounding riveting D20(L=1500)
    z0010022 Grounding rod 16/1500 mm, galvanized.
    z0010023 Terminal grounding rod 16/1500 mm, galvanized.
    z0010025 Riveting tip D20
    z0010004 A tip of bar threaded is a 16 mm
    z0010020 D20 ground pin clamp with strip
    z0010021 D16 ground pin clamp with strip
    z0010005 A muff connecting a 16 mm
    z0010017 A muff connecting extended a 16 mm
    z0010221 Impact screw 16 mm 2.1
    z0020024 Cross clamp with 4 holes, strip-strip B30
    z0020019 Cross clamp with 4 holes, strip B40-50 - strip B40-50
    z0012896 Anti-corrosion tape (50 mm)

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