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  • Happy Birthday, E.NEXT!


    Dear colleagues, partners and friends!

    16 years is a significant indicator for effective business and an opportunity to pave a new route to global achievements and conquest of the desired peaks.

    For us, 16 years is a time of brand formation, values ​​esteblishment and a reliable Team, development of relations with the world market, it is a test of strength, colossal experience and the opportunity to say "Thank you". Thank you to everyone who has been around these 16 years, thanks to those who are just beginning their careers with us — thanks to you E.NEXT is stronger, better and more confident.

    Much has changed during this time: the company's logo, command structure, product range, level and scale of projects. But the only thing that is always the same is stable growth, hard work and faith in the power of E.NEXT.

    Every year is an occasion to strengthen the brand's position and a challenge to develop new directions, gaining trust outside the country. Every employee is part of a reliable team that faithfully preserves the values ​​of E.NEXT Company, proudly bearing the brand icon on its heart. Each project is unique, each client is unique.

    We use innovative methods to achieve our goals and strive to take the next step towards development, using the knowledge of sixteen years of experience. We are driven by an idea! E.NEXT is a strong player who does not look for excuses, condemning competitors, but undertakes difficult tasks, providing bold decisions.

    Be honest to your ideals and principles, love yourself, respect your choices and the choices of the people around you, and remember that nothing is impossible, and all boundaries and barriers exist only in our heads. Everything will be E.NEXT.