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  • Insulating tape e.tape.stand by E.NEXT Company


    Practically any repair is complete without PVC insulation tape. It is widely used both in the domestic and professional spheres. It is made of a polyvinyl chloride plasticised film, special additives that prevent fire, and a layer of adhesive based on perchlorovinyl resin.

    Its main purpose is to insulate wires. It helps prevent short circuits caused by accidental contact with wires during electrical work. It can be used to connect cable and wire products, assemble cables into a bundle, mark wires, and much more.


    Vendor code Item name
    s022006 Adhesive tape of, чорна (10м)
    s022005 Adhesive tape of, синя (10м)
    s022003 Adhesive tape of, зелена (10м)
    s022001 Adhesive tape of, червона (10м)
    s022004 Adhesive tape of e.tape.stand.10.white, біла (10м)
    s022002 Adhesive tape of e.tape.stand.10.yellow, жовта (10м)
    s022007 Adhesive tape of e.tape.stand.10.yellow-green, жовто-зелена (10м)
    s022016 Adhesive tape of, чорна (20м)
    s022015 Adhesive tape of, синя (20м)
    s022013 Adhesive tape of, зелена (20м)
    s022011 Adhesive tape of, червона (20м)
    s022014 Adhesive tape of e.tape.stand.20.white, біла (20м)
    s022012 Adhesive tape of e.tape.stand.20.yellow, жовта (20м)
    s022017 Adhesive tape of e.tape.stand.20.yellow-green, жовто-зелена (20м)

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