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  • Meet the updated line of TOOLBOX of PRO series!


    Organizers and boxes from E.NEXT are designed for ergonomic and safe storage and transportation:

    • equipment;
    • tool;
    • parts, fasteners and other small items.

    The product line is created taking into account all the requirements for convenience and reliability that may arise during the work process or at home.

    The assortment range includes models of boxes for large products, as well as models with several levels and sliding panels for compact placement of small hand tools, parts and more. Organizers are also available in several versions: with the same cells, with cells of different sizes and with removable plastic containers of different sizes.

    Assortment range

    Vendor code Item name Description Dimensions, mm
    t011001 toolbox 332×168×140
    t011002 390×202×235
    t011003 410×230×190
    t011004 300×165×135
    t011005 320×158×187
    t011006 410×213×250
    t011007 320×158×137
    t011008 410×213×195
    t011009 500×283×248
    t011010 490×260×246
    t011011 415×223×193
    t011012 plastic organizer 240×170×40
    t011013 320×255×50
    t011014 340×320×50
    t011015 273х231х62
    t011016 420×295×60
    t011017 270×200×50

    Products are made of durable high quality plastic.

    Country of origin: Turkey.

    More useful information about the life of the brand, you will find in the Telegram channel, as well as on our pages on Facebook, Instagram та YouTube.

    Everything will be E.NEXT 😉