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  • New collaboration between E.NEXT and EBEC 2021


    Hello everybody!

    We have great news and this news is that traditionally, the brand E.NEXT co-organized and motivated at the European BEST Engineering Competition 2021 in Vinnytsia.

    About the competition

    EBEC (European BEST Engineering Competition) - engineering competitions that annually unite students of technical universities of Ukraine and Europe. The event connects students and companies, helps students develop and supports the realization of the potential of future professionals.

    New collaboration between E.NEXT and EBEC 2021

    The purpose of cooperation is the exchange of experience at the European level, which contributes to the training of students, obtaining professional knowledge and creating new collaborations within the projects of Ukraine and Europe.

    More about the participation of E.NEXT-Ukraine:

    • Conducting a presentation of the Company;
    • Development of individual tasks for participants;
    • Prizes for winners;
    • Participation in the evaluation of project results (jury members);
    • Handouts (brand souvenirs).

    Students competed in two categories:

    Team Design

    Teams solve a practical case with a limited amount of material. The result should be a device that performs the necessary actions.

    Tasks of this category cover the general areas of engineering: mechanics, electronics, radio engineering, automation.

    Case Study

    Teams solve an analytical case. The result should be an action strategy that offers an effective and optimal solution.

    The task of this part is to analyze, research and test a specific technical problem.

    New collaboration between E.NEXT and EBEC 2021 New collaboration between E.NEXT and EBEC 2021

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