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  • New product from E.NEXT Company — cords with plug e.wire.plug


    Cords with e.wire.plug are designed to connect single-phase household power consumers to AC power networks.

    These cords have the following specifications and features:

    • They are intended for use with single-phase electrical consumers.
    • The ends of the stranded conductor are crimped with a sleeve, which facilitates the installation process. This meets the requirements of the Electrical Installation Regulations (EIR).
    • They are intended for connection to AC power grids.

    It is important to consider the safety requirements and standards when using these cords, and to follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper and safe connection.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name Parameter values
    Rated voltage, V Maximum operating current, A Wire cross-section, mm2 Cord length, m Color
    l020011 Cord with plug e.wire.plug.white.0,75, 3х0,75, 1,2м 230 10 0,75 1,2 white
    l020012 Cord with plug,75, 3х0,75, 1,2м black
    l020013 Cord with plug e.wire.plug.white.1,5, 3х1,5, 1,2м 16 1,5 white
    l020014 Cord with plug,5, 3х1,5, 1,2м black

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