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  • New product from the company E.NEXT — LED console luminaire e.LED.street.stand


    Luminaires of the e.LED.street.stand series are designed for outdoor lighting of various objects on the streets and in public places. They can be used to illuminate places such as:

    • Parks: The luminaires help create safe and welcoming lighting in parks, enabling people to walk and use the parks in the evening.
    • Streets: LED luminaires provide bright and efficient lighting for streets, including alleys and motorways, enhancing traffic safety.
    • Car parks: Good lighting is important in car parks for vehicle and pedestrian safety.
    • Playgrounds: Lighting for outdoor areas is typically designed to ensure safety and comfort during the evening.

    Luminaires with a luminous efficacy of 100 lm/W are highly efficient and provide intense light with relatively low energy consumption. This helps to reduce energy consumption and helps to save resources.

    The console mounting method of these luminaires allows them to be easily mounted on poles or flat surfaces using different types of consoles. This allows you to decide exactly where and how to position the luminaires to achieve optimum lighting in individual locations.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    l0820010 LED console lamp e.LED.street.stand.30.6500, 30Вт, 6500К, IP65
    l0820011 LED console lamp e.LED.street.stand.50.6500, 50Вт, 6500К, IP65
    l0820012 LED console lamp e.LED.street.stand.100.6500, 100Вт, 6500К, IP65

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