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  • New product from the company E.NEXT — Modular contactors PRO series


    The professional series of modular contactors is designed for efficient switching of active and low-inductive loads in various control systems, including technological processes, air conditioning, ventilation and lighting networks. The main purpose of the PRO contactor series is to provide reliable and uninterrupted power supply to consumers.

    Key features and advantages of the series contactors:

    • Low noise level during operation.
    • Indication of contact status.
    • Protection against incorrect connection.
    • DIN rail latch with two fixed positions.
    • Double contact break.
    • Reduced vibration due to the short-circuited coil in the magnetic circuit.

    These features make contactors ideal for use in a variety of applications where processes and automated systems need to be controlled efficiently.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name Number of poles Contacts Rated current, A
    p005217 Miniature contactor, 2р, 20А, 2NO, 220V 2 2NO 20
    p005220 Miniature contactor, 2р, 25А, 1NO+1NC, 220V 1NO+1NC 25
    p005201 Miniature contactor, 2р, 25А, 2NO, 220V 2NO
    p005225 Miniature contactor, 2р, 25А, 2NC, 220V 2NC
    p005226 Miniature contactor, 2р, 40А, 1NO+1NC, 220V 1NO+1NC 40
    p005203 Miniature contactor, 2р, 40А, 2NO, 220V 2NO
    p005227 Miniature contactor, 2р, 40А, 2NC, 220V 2NC
    p005228 Miniature contactor, 2р, 63А, 1NO+1NC, 220V 1NO+1NC 63
    p005218 Miniature contactor, 2р, 63А, 2NO, 220V 2NO
    p005229 Miniature contactor, 2р, 63А, 2NC, 220V 2NC
    p005219 Miniature contactor, 4р, 20А, 4NO, 220V 4 4NO 20
    p005222 Miniature contactor, 4р, 25А, 2NO+2NC, 220V 2NO+2NC 25
    p005205 Miniature contactor, 4р, 25А, 4NO, 220V 4NO
    p005224 Miniature contactor, 4р, 25А, 4NC, 220V 4NC
    p005230 Miniature contactor, 4р, 40А, 2NO+2NC, 220V 2NO+2NC 40
    p005207 Miniature contactor, 4р, 40А, 4NO, 220V 4NO
    p005231 Miniature contactor, 4р, 63А, 2NO+2NC, 220V 2NO+2NC 63
    p005209 Miniature contactor, 4р, 63А, 4NO, 220V 4NO
    p005251 ДAuxiliary contact, 2NO 2 2NO 2
    p005252 ДAuxiliary contact, 1NO+1NC 1NO+1NC

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