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  • New product from the Company E.NEXT — Platforms for installation of metering enclosures e.plbox.install.plate


    The platforms e.plbox.install.plate.f1/f3 are designed to facilitate the installation of the e.mbox.stand.plastic.n series of metering enclosures on power line poles. The platform is fixed to the enclosure with the help of the hardware supplied with the enclosure, and the pole is mounted with the help of a banding tape.

    The use of such devices simplifies and makes safer the process of installing metering enclosures of the e.mbox.stand.plastic series on power line poles.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    s0110009 Platform for install accounting cabinets with a single-phase counter e.plbox.install.plate.f1
    s0110010 Platform for install accounting cabinets with a three-phase counter e.plbox.install.plate.f3

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