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  • New product from the company E.NEXT — Rechargeable batteries and cells LiFePO4 e.lfp.stand


    The rechargeable batteries and cells of the e.lfp.stand series are manufactured using LiFePO4 (lithium iron phosphate) technology.

    The batteries are designed for use in energy saving, alternative energy and backup power supply systems.

    The battery cells are intended both for direct use and for the manufacture of batteries of various voltage ratings and capacities.

    The main advantages of LiFePO4 batteries are:

    • Long service life, up to 5000 charge/discharge cycles;
    • Safety of use. The LiFePo4 battery does not explode or catch fire even in the event of a case depressurisation;
    • Resistance to emergency situations, including deep discharge overcharge and short circuits;
    • Do not contain any harmful substances such as lead or cadmium and do not emit any harmful gases or vapours during operation;
    • The ability to accept high charging currents, up to 50% of the rated capacity, which allows for shorter charging times than other types of batteries;
    • Wide operating temperature range, which makes them practical for different climatic conditions.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    s079001 Battery cell e.lfp.stand.3.06 3.2V, 6Ah, LiFePO4
    s079002 Battery cell e.lfp.stand.3.100 3.2V, 100Ah, LiFePO4
    s078003 Battery e.lfp.stand.12.08 12.8V, 8Ah, LiFePO4
    s078004 Battery e.lfp.stand.12.12 12.8V, 12Ah, LiFePO4
    s078005 Battery e.lfp.stand.12.20 12.8V, 20Ah, LiFePO4
    s078009 Battery e.lfp.stand.12.54 12.8V, 54Ah, LiFePO4
    s078012 Battery e.lfp.stand.12.100 12.8V, 100Ah, LiFePO4
    s078017 Battery e.lfp.stand.24.100 25,6V, 100Ah, LiFePO4
    s078020 Battery e.lfp.stand.48.100 51,2V, 100Ah, LiFePO4

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