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  • New product from the Company E.NEXT — self-adhesive labels «Electrical panel marking» e.sticker.marking.A4.1


    The labels «Electrical panel marking» are important element of a structured and well-built electrical cabinet. The labels make it easy to identify electrical devices (circuit breakers, RCDs, residual current devices, voltage relays) for their control in order to maintain the power supply network in a safe and efficient manner.

    The labels are made of high quality material, which ensures abrasion resistance and long service life. Easy use is ensured by plotter cutting of 30x17mm stickers on a common A4 sheet.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    s053098 Self-adhesive sticker "Marking for electrical cabinet" e.sticker.marking.A4.1 (30x17) 70pcs/sheet

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