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  • New product from the company E.NEXT — Single-phase meter e.control.w11 with RS485


    We are pleased to announce the expansion of the range of non-commercial electricity meters with RS485 data transmission for effective monitoring and management of energy consumption. The single-phase meter e.control.w11 measures active/reactive energy, power, voltage, current, frequency, power factor and transmits data via Modbus RTU protocol.

    The meter has bi-directional energy measurement, which allows you to effectively monitor both consumed and generated energy, which is especially useful for systems with an alternative energy source, such as solar panels. The possibility of sealing terminal clamps provides protection against unauthorised access to the connection.

    The capabilities of the e.control.w11 meter will help to increase the efficiency of energy management and allow for more accurate analysis and optimisation of electricity use.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    i0310042 Single phase electronic meter e.control.w11 5(65)A class 1.0 (non-commercial) RS485

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