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  • New product from the company E.NEXT — Three-position load switches I-0-II series for 125A


    Three-position load switches I-0-II of the 125A series are designed for manual switching of consumers from the main to the backup power supply.

    The switch has three handle positions:

    • Down position — the load is powered from the first input;
    • Middle position — the load is switched off;
    • Up position — the load is powered from the second input.

    The switching is performed through the zero (middle) position, which makes it impossible to make electrical contact between the main and backup power supplies.

    Note: The switch must be operated without load!

    Take care of your energy independence with E.NEXT.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    p008029 Modular three-ways switch, 1p, 125A
    p008030 Modular three-ways switch, 2p, 125A
    p008031 Modular three-ways switch, 3p, 125A
    p008032 Modular three-ways switch, 4p, 125A

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