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  • NEW PRODUCTS from E.NEXT: replenishment of the line of modular plastic enclosures of the STAND series


    RELIABILITY, QUALITY and ECONOMY are the basic principles on which the new modular plastic enclosures of the STAND series are built, that designed for the installation of modular power distribution equipment.


    Paramater name Value
    Number of modules 8, 12, 24
    Type of installation Hinged and built-in
    Climatic performance UHL3
    Protection degree ІР41
    Operating temperature range, ⁰С -20...+80
    e.plbox.stand e.plbox.stand


    Vendor code Name Installation type Number of modules Overall dimensions, mm (HxWxD)
    s029101 Plastic enclosure, 8-module e.plbox.stand.w.08k built-in 8 185х191х97
    s029102 Plastic enclosure, 8-module e.plbox.stand.n.08k hinged
    s029103 Plastic enclosure, 12-module e.plbox.stand.w.12k built-in 12 185х264х97
    s029104 Plastic enclosure, 12-module e.plbox.stand.n.12k hinged
    s029105 Plastic enclosure, 24-module e.plbox.stand.w.24k built-in 24 317х271х97
    s029106 Plastic enclosure, 24-module e.plbox.stand.n.24k hinged

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