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  • New products: Replenishment of the assortment range of PXF Lighting luminaires


    E.NEXT is the official Ukrainian partner and distributor of PXF Lighting — a Polish manufacturer of luminaires and lighting systems. PXF Lighting is a member of the Polish Association of Educational Industry, which is part of the Federation of Lighting Manufacturers of the European organization Lighting Europe.

    The manufacturer's strategy is based on investment in new technologies and design solutions for the production of luminaires of the highest quality. The success of this approach is evidenced not only by the popularity of the product, but also by the large number of awards.

    We offer a wide range of industrial, commercial and office lighting equipment of European quality for various facilities.

    Scope of PXF Lighting luminaires:

    • Offices;
    • Public spaces;
    • Halls, communication spaces;
    • Negotiating rooms;
    • Reception, exhibition halls;
    • Shopping centers;
    • Living quarters;
    • Production facilities;
    • Laboratories, etc.

    The reliability and quality of products is confirmed by the certificate of the quality control system, which meets the requirements of EN ISO 9001: 2015. In addition, the manufacturer provides a 5-year product warranty.

    Our site presents luminaires and lighting systems of the Fibra LED, Titan LED, Poker LS LED, Flash New LED, Fuzo LED, Modena Mini LED, LATTE IP54 LED, Finestra IP44 LED and ANTIVIRUS series.

    Luminaires Fibra LED series

    Sealed luminaires Fibra LED from PXF Lighting are made of polycarbonate and have high mechanical strength. Due to the high degree of protection IP66 can be used in rooms with high dust and humidity.


    Materials: shock-resistant polycarbonate base, OPAL diffuser, UV stabilization, polycarbonate diffuser, fiberglass-reinforced clamps.

    Installation: overlayed or suspended.

    Accessories: stainless steel clamps.

    Use: production workshops, warehouses, halls, research laboratories.

    Category of luminaires: industrial luminaires.

    Luminaires Titan LED series

    Modern sealed luminaires with many functions. Ideal for lighting passages, halls, warehouses and all types of industrial premises. Titan LED is equipped with the latest generation of LED sources, enclosed in an aluminum aesthetic housing with a degree of protection IP66. There are easy installation and smooth adjustment of the distance between the mounts.


    Materials: aluminum profile with electrostatic painting (standard color: gray). Tempered glass (transparent SH for versions: 45° and 65°, opal SH MAT for versions 100°). There is end-to-end conducting by request. Condensation reduction element by pressure compensation in power distribution systems.

    Installation: suspended, overlayed.

    Accessories: brackets for wall mounting.

    Application: adjacent territories, arches, production workshops, warehouses, research laboratories.

    Category of luminaires: industrial luminaires.

    Luminaires Poker LS LED series

    Industrial luminaires for LED sources for linear installation. Installation of lighting luminaires is simple and does not require additional tools. Poker LS LED are very light and energy efficient luminaires. Aluminum reflector optimizes light distribution. They are designed for lighting offices, warehouses and supermarkets.


    Materials: aluminum profile with electrostatic color (standard color: white), microprismatic diffuser (MPRM) with PMMA or OPAL diffuser made of polycarbonate.

    Installation: suspended.

    Accessories: simple suspension, electric suspension, S-shaped hinge, wire, invisible linear hinge, hitch for simple suspension, wire hitch, end cap, through wire.

    Application: shopping centers, production shops, warehouses, halls, research laboratories.

    Category of luminaires: Industrial lighting systems.

    Luminaires Flash New LED series

    Flash New LED luminaires have been designed to illuminate high rooms where energy efficiency is very important.


    Materials: aluminum profile housing (standard color: black), tempered glass, painted gray, COB LEDs, aluminum reflectors with three light angles, powder coating 1x or 2x steel bracket (standard color: black), aluminum K (standard color: black).

    Installation: hinged or wall-mounted, built-in suspended.

    Accessories: camouflage frame for plasterboard ceilings, 1x or 2x bracket (for hinged or suspended mounting), wall bracket (for wall mounting), suspension.

    Use: production workshops, warehouses, gyms, playgrounds.

    Category of luminaires: industrial luminaires.

    Luminaires Fuzo LED series

    LED luminaire of universal use. It is made with use of energy-saving light-emitting diodes with high light output from known manufacturers. Fuzo LED have a power supply with a power factor cos ϕ> 0.95. The 600x600 version is intended for installation in suspended ceilings with a visible load-bearing structure. There are springs for installation in a plasterboard ceiling in the version 600x600 G/K.


    Materials: Frame made of aluminum sheet with electrostatic color (standard color: gray). White housing from steel sheet. Microprismatic diffuser or diffuser with OPAL.

    Installation: plasterboard ceiling.

    Application:halls, receptions, waiting rooms, conference halls, offices.

    Category of luminaires: luminaire for interior lighting.

    Luminaires Modena Mini LED series

    Modern Modena Mini ceiling light is a continuation of the Modena range of luminaires. Highly aesthetic and has excellent parameters: resistance to external conditions and UV rays with a degree of protection IP54. Available with AW 3H emergency module. Ability to use a motion sensor (17W versions only) or a daylight sensor.


    Materials: White version: base and diffuser made of white PC polycarbonate with UV stabilization, which protects the luminaire from yellowing. Gray version: gray base, OPAL polycarbonate diffuser with UV stabilization, which protects the luminaire from yellowing.

    Installation: overlayed, wall-mounted.

    Application: halls, receptions, waiting rooms, toilets, arcades.

    Category of luminaires: ceiling.

    Latte IP54 LED series

    Simple classic luiminares of the increased degree of protection on the basis of high-quality LED light sources.


    Materials: white plastic base. OPAL diffuser with protection against ultraviolet radiation. Seals IP54.

    Installation: surface mounting.

    Applications: toilets, halls, receptions, waiting rooms.

    Category of luminaires: luminaire for interior lighting.

    Luminaires Finestra IP44 LED series

    Energy-saving decorative luminaires of modern elegant shape, equipped with LED light sources. Finestra in universal form and type of assembly is suitable for public spaces, conference halls, offices, communications, halls, stairwells. First-class AC power supplies reach cos ϕ> 0.95.

    Note: possibility of installing «Active +» — a self-learning energy saving system. Active + is a ready-to-use stand-alone solution consisting of an LED driver and a small sensor built into the luminaire. Luminaires equipped with the Active + solution are ideal for renovation projects, as well as new offices, halls, open planning areas, etc.


    Materials: Electrostatic sheet metal housing (standard color: gray), microprismatic (MPRM) or OPAL diffuser.

    Installation: overlayed, wall-mounted, suspended.

    Accessories: simple and electric suspension.

    Application: halls, receptions, waiting rooms.

    Category of luminaires: ceiling.

    Luminaires Antivirus series

    Bactericidal air sterilizers are designed for continuous operation. Reduce the concentration of air of microorganisms such as viruses, microbes, fungal spores and more. The luminaire is equipped with a mechanical filter and a working day meter. Luminaire productivity: up to 38 m³/h.


    Materials: powder paint coating, aluminum housing (standard white color), ceiling connection included.

    Installation: ceiling, wall, suspended.

    Accessories: simple and electric suspension, wall-mounted.

    Application: operating rooms, research laboratories, bathrooms of hospitals, premises of organizations engaged in medical activities, public facilities, offices, receptions, waiting rooms, shopping centers, training and educational premises, classrooms, conference halls, toilets.

    Category of luminaires: air-cleaning luminaires.

    The E.NEXT-Ukraine assortment range consists of certified products manufactured according to European quality standards.

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