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  • Novelty: relay of automatic input of reserve v12, v13



    Used to build automatic backup power on objects:

    • e.control.v12 - power supply load from the main or backup input;
    • e.control.v13 - power supply load of two loads from two independent main inputs. In the event of an emergency, switching to another power supply is carried out by a sectional switch.


    • type of controlled lines: 3x400 V + N;
    • range of operating voltage: 50-500 V;
    • maximum current of contact: 8 A (AC1);
    • range of operating voltage: at upper limit - 400-500 V, at lower limit 290 - 390 V;
    • delay time of turning on: 5 s - 10 min;
    • delay time of turning off: 0.3 s - 15 s;
    • mounting on DIN rail 35 mm.


    • automation of switching process to backup power;
    • control of power supply voltage;
    • possibility of time delay at switching.


    Vendor code Name
    p0690022 Automatic reserve input relay e.control.v12
    p0690023 Automatic reserve input relay, sectional e.control.v13