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  • Rebranding E.NEXT-Group - new phase of development.


    The company logo is not just its trademark. This is a sublimated expression of its philosophy and life position. The world is changing, the company and its logo evolving as well.

    Renewed E.NEXT sign is more accurately expressing the brand position to be a leader and consolidating all the changes in communication style and plans for extension of geographical brand exposure that were achieved during its development.

    The new sign representation is corresponding with the modern world trends for laconism and utilitarianism in congested information field.

    The sign evolved, now it is better perceived, it becomes understandable and familiar to international community. Saving the form continuity it is fixing the brand values - constant development, focus on solutions, relevance.

    Transformation of the branded tear-off line is symbolizing flexibility, progressiveness and liberality of business approaches.The new concept characters are people, ideas, light, dynamics, partners.

    E.NEXT logo reflects the brand philosophy - leadership and openness, development and effectiveness of solutions, relevance and focus on results. Graphical elements integrated in the sign symbolizing reliability, continuous development and focus on brand values.