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  • Replenishment of the assortment of E.NEXT Company — organizer boxes for tools


    Good news for all customers of E.NEXT Company.

    We are pleased to announce the expansion of the assortment in the «Organizer boxes for tools» group.

    Electrical installation, metalwork and repair work require the use of various tools: screwdrivers, strippers, crimpers, drills, pliers, etc. Usually, tips, sleeves, terminals, tires, screws, nuts, washers, bolts and others are used in large quantities. To increase productivity and work efficiency, it is advisable to arrange these small items so that each one has a certain place. The most convenient solution to this problem is organizer boxes for tool in 18, 39, 40 and 60 sections, a tool bar and a 4-in-1 kit.

    The whole set is mobile, it can be freely configured and moved.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name
    t011021 Organiser plastic,, 24" 39-sections 381х157х475мм
    t011022 Organiser plastic,, 24" 60-sections 381х157х475мм
    t011023 Organiser plastic,, 22" 40-sections 497х157х250мм
    t011024 Organiser plastic,, 24" 18-sections 381х157х475мм
    t011025 Organizer plastic set 4 в 1,, 278х203х160мм
    t011026 Wall-mounted tool organizer,, 35 elements 825х210х585мм

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