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  • Replenishment of the assortment of E.NEXT Company — Single-phase voltage and current control relay 63 A with indication


    A new product of the Monitoring and Control Devices product range is a single-phase voltage and current monitoring relay 63 А with indication.

    This device is multifunctional and is designed to protect equipment from voltage fluctuations, non-commercial electricity metering and protection of single-phase networks from overcurrent.

    The installation method is simple and convenient — the relay is mounted on a standard 35 mm wide DIN rail with a secure clamp.


    • wide voltage control range 85-300 V;
    • wide current control range 1-80 A;
    • delayed turn-on time after tripping 2-512 s;
    • active power metering range 0-9999.9 kWh.


    Vendor code Item name
    p0690103 Voltage control relay single phase 63A with indicator

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