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  • Replenishment of the assortment range of the E.NEXT Company


    Dear partners, we are pleased to inform you about the replenishment of the assortment range with a new product, high-voltage Vacuum circuit breakers VSG-12kV.


    Parameter name Value
    Rated operating voltage, kV 12
    Rated short-term withstand voltage (lmin), kV 42
    Rated withstand voltage of lightning impulse (peak), kV 75
    Rated frequency, Hz 50
    Mechanical life, cycles 30 000*
    Electrical life, short circuit tripping 100% class E2
    Climatic performance UHL3
    Altitude, no more than, m 2000*
    Operating temperature range, ⁰С -25...+40
    Protection degree ІР31


    * - the value can be increased to the required one due to the change of components. The necessary parameters are specified in the survey letter, in the notes section.


    Vacuum circuit breakers VSG-12kV are used in high-voltage alternating current power networks with a voltage of 6-10 kV with a frequency of 50 Hz, for switching (on-off operations) of electric current.

    Assortment range

    Parameter name Value
    Ratedl breaking capacity, kA 20 25 31,5 40
    Rated current, A 630 1000 630 1250 630 1000 1250 1600
    1250 1600 2000 2500
    2000 2500 3150 4000
    Switch mounting type Stationary
    Switch poles type Moulded pole
    Disassemblable pole
    Shutdown time, ms 20~50
    Turn-on time, ms 35~70
    Thermal stability current flow time, s <4
    Rated sequence of work о - 0,3 с- со -180 с- со
    Contact opening distance, mm 9±1
    Auxiliary stroke, mm 3±1
    Rated voltage of the switching-on circuit, V АС 110, АС 220, DС 110, DС 220
    Rated voltage of the switching-off circuit, V
    Rated voltage of the spring winding motor, V

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