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  • Replenishment to the E.NEXT assortment range — terminal blocks


    The terminal blocks are designed to ensure reliable contact between the connecting conductors. In contrast to the common installation method prohibited by the Electrical Installation Regulations (EIR), such as twisting the wires and then wrapping them with insulating tape, the use of terminal blocks provides not only a convenient and reliable connection, but also speeds up work and makes it possible to repair or dismantle them later.

    The terminal blocks have a number of advantages:

    • Maximum conductor cross-section of 6 мм²;
    • Transparent body for visual inspection of the correctness and quality of installation;
    • A special hole for comfortable and safe testing with a multimeter probe.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name Rated current, A Cross-section of connecting conductors, mm² Rated voltage, V
    stranded monolithic
    p0660301 Terminal block with push rod 41 0,5-4 0,5-6 600
    p0660302 Terminal block with push rod
    p0660303 Terminal block with push rod

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