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  • Review of explosion-proof luminaires


    Hello, friends!

    It's time for the "Overview of the E.NEXT product line"!

    This time we are talking about explosion-proof luminaires (СВЗ). The scope of our proposed СВЗ — lighting of premises and outdoor installations of fire and explosion-hazardous objects of oil, oil refining, gas, chemical and other industries.

    Our luminaires meet all quality and safety requirements for equipment of this type.

    The range of СВЗ is presented by three series — НСП, РСП, ДСП.

    НСП, РСП — equipped with sockets E27. Rated supply voltage НСП, РСП ≈ 230V. LED luminaires ДСП have a wide range of supply voltage ≈ 180-246 V.

    • made in two standard options — individual and transit connection;
    • have a degree of dust and moisture protection IP65;
    • Protection class — І;
    • case material — aluminum alloy of the increased mechanical durability;
    • diffuser is made of heat-resistant shock-resistant borosilicate glass;
    • body color — orange (painting);
    • climatic performance — NF1;
    • operating temperature range -40 ... + 40 °C.

    Explosion safety classes:

    • НСП 21 — 1ExdIIBT4;
    • ДСП 21 — 1ExdIIBT6;
    • НСП, РСП (18) — 1ExdeIIST4.

    In addition to the СВЗ, you can order a reflector and grid.

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    Everything will be E.NEXT 😉