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  • Review of the movement sensor microwave


    Good afternoon, friends!

    It's time for the traditional column «Overview of the E.NEXT product line»! Today we are talking about movement sensors microwave of the e.sensor series, and more precisely about the movement sensor microwave with a mounting clip.

    Scope — warehouses and production facilities with high ceilings. Threshold of operation — up to 15 meters.

    The sensor has the ability to work in dual mode with the luminaire e.LED.HB 100/150 W — in the next mode the luminaire operates at half or one third of the power, in the operating mode the luminaire operates at full power. has an important design advantage: the sensor is attached by a clip mechanism to any end surface, such as a rack shelf or a reflector wall of a high-bay luminaire.

    The full range of movement sensors you can view here.

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