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  • Support of the energy front


    The Ukrenergo company has published recommendations for consumers on how to use electrical appliances sparingly, in order to help the country restore the full operation of the power system after the strikes of the russian federation.

    Energy experts note: when Ukrainians do not turn on irons, heaters or washing machines in the evening, the total consumption of electricity in the country decreases, accordingly, the need for fan power cuts disappears.

    E.NEXT joins this movement and offers its socket time relays as a suitable solution to the problem. For example, you can install our socket timers on boilers, electric heaters and program them to prevent them from turning on during peak hours.

    When choosing a time relay of the socket type, you should consider the following:

    1. The consumed power and rated current of your device.
    2. Electronic type relays, unlike electromechanical relays, contain a built-in battery, which makes it possible to save the program you set for 100 hours after power failure. Also, electronic relays have a flexible setting with a step of 1 minute.
    3. If the load control schedule depends on the days of the week, it is worth stopping at weekly relays.
    4. Relays have a limit on the number of load on/off cycles during the day.
    Vendor Code Item name Type Constructive Rated current, A Number of cycles per day
    i0310018 e.control.t11 daily electromechanical 16 48
    i0310019 e.control.t12 weekly electromechanical 16 6
    i0310020 e.control.t13 weekly electronic 8 20
    i0310021 e.control.t14 weekly electronic 16 8

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