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  • Systems of guaranteed power supply from the company E.NEXT — Inverters with charging function


    PRO series inverters with a charging function are an integral component of modern energy systems, ensuring uninterrupted power supply when the mains power is unavailable.

    Key Features and Characteristics of Inverters:

    • Rated/Peak (2 s) Power: 500/1000 W, 1000/2000 W, 2000/4000 W, 3000/6000 W;
    • Rated Operating Voltage: AC 230 V, DC 12 V;
    • Rated Battery Voltage: DC 12 V;
    • Battery Charging Current: 10 A, 20 A;
    • Sine Wave Shape: Pure;
    • Switching Speed: Up to 10 ms;
    • Efficiency: Over 88%;
    • Protective Functions: against short circuit, overload, and overheating.

    Principle of Operation:

    During normal operation, the inverter supplies electricity directly to consumers and charges the battery. When the mains voltage drops, the inverter instantly (within 10 ms) switches to battery operation, continuing to power electrical appliances seamlessly.

    Take care of your energy independence with E.NEXT.

    Аssortment range

    Vendore code Item name Power, W Charge current battery, А
    Rated Peak
    s073001 Invertor with charge 12/220В 500Вт, pure sine wave 500 1000 10
    s073002 Invertor with charge 12/220В 1000Вт, pure sine wave 1000 2000
    s073003 Invertor with charge 12/220В 2000Вт, pure sine wave 2000 4000 20
    s073004 Invertor with charge 12/220В 3000Вт, pure sine wave 3000 6000

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