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  • Technical re-equipment of Line 10 kV with the installation of a sectionalisation point with a recloser by the company E.NEXT in Odesa region


    As part of the ongoing cooperation with DTEK Odesa Power Grids, another project to modernise the grids of the domestic operator (company) distribution system electricity was launched in October 2023. The contract envisages the installation of 27 reclosers from the company E.NEXT in Baltskyi, Ananivskyi, Berezivskyi, Bilhorod-Dnistrovskyi, Sarativskyi and Kiliyskyi districts of Odesa region.

    This project is an important step in the development and modernisation of the energy infrastructure. The installation of reclosers in 6-35 kV networks has numerous advantages: reduced time for emergency response, reduced electricity losses, and improved quality of power supply for consumers.

    The completion of the project in December 2023 is evidence of effective planning and implementation. Completion of the project on time will facilitate the rapid implementation of improvements and benefits for local consumers.

    The cooperation with DTEK Odesa Power Grids demonstrates the importance of partnerships between different industries and companies to ensure the sustainable development of the energy system and meet the needs of consumers. The success of this project reflects the current trends in the development of SmartGrid technologies and the introduction of new solutions to improve the reliability and efficiency of power grids.

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