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  • The long-awaited expansion of the range of metal сases!


    E.NEXT-Group announces the replenishment of an assortment with a new line of metallic cases of the Industrial series with a mounting plate and a high protection degree of the IP65 of national production.

    Main technical features:

    • protection degree IP65;
    • thickness of the metal case depending on the size is from 1.2 to 1.5 mm;
    • mounting panel made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 2 mm;
    • powder foundation of the case;
    • high-quality polyester paint, resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Color: RAL7035;
    • possibility to rearrange the door to the other side;
    • presence of perforated ribs in the door;
    • presence of special mounting bending for hanging cases;
    • presence of a cable entry hatch for ease of installation.

    The products correspond to the European quality level, which is confirmed by the CE certificate.


    Vendor code Name
    s0100255 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.30.20.15z IP65 with mounting plate (300х200х150)
    s0100256 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.40.30.20z IP65 with mounting plate (400х300х200)
    s0100257 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.40.40.20z IP65 with mounting plate (400x400x200)
    s0100258 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.50.40.20z IP65 with mounting plate (500x400x200)
    s0100254 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.60.40.20z IP65 with mounting plate (600x400x200)
    s0100259 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.60.50.20z IP65 with mounting plate (600x500x200)
    s0100260 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.80.65.25z IP65 with mounting plate (800x650x250)
    s0100261 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.100.65.30z IP65 with mounting plate (1000х650х300)
    s0100262 Metal case e.mbox.industrial.p.120.80.30z IP65 with mounting plate (1200х800х300)